who we are

Welcome to our new website

We have launched our brand new website with one aim – to bring you the widest variety of culinary and ornamental rhubarb across the whole of the Rhubarb Triangle in West Yorkshire, UK.

We have a broad range of rhubarb plants including some of the rarest varieties, as well as liquorice plants, seeds and more.

a bit more about us

Brandy Carr Nurseries is a family run producer of rhubarb and liquorice based in the Rhubarb Triangle, West Yorkshire.

We were established in 1870 and since then have expanded our range to include a wide range of the rarest culinary and ornamental rhubarb.

We put 3 generations worth of knowledge and passion into growing and selling top quality plants and love to share information with other enthusiasts.

Friendly, honest customer service

free postage and packaging on everything

largest range of rhubarb in w yorkshire

What we’ve been up to

Owner, Mr Brian Asquith, is very happy with the progress the business has made in the last three years and wants his customers to know that he will try and accommodate and help when ever needed and asked for.

Our liquorice production is going well and very soon we should have the necessary stock level to be able for you to buy the plants you would like.  Our liquorice garth (field) is showing good plant stock, so in due course that would be also added to our list of availabilities.

In the meantime, our nursery is looking great and has had a great Spring/Summer with our wonderful bedding and patio plants.  It has been enormously busy to keep that in production and sell you the vast array of plants.  It’s still looking good!! Our new triple span tunnel has now got perennials, fruit trees and many more shrubs available and we are in the process of getting really organise. Our new office is also taking shape and we now can receive buyers in style! With all these changes we know that our customers will be attended to quicker and more efficiently than before.

In future we hope to create a new standing out ground for our hardy shrubs and perennials.  We are also looking into whether or not we can accommodate a café to attract new and of course past customers and/or a farm shop with as much locally sourced produce as possible (but this is still in its infancy).  All in all, it is exciting times ahead and a lot of planning for us all working here.

We are dedicated to make this a pleasant experience for our customers and in the process hopefully, you will buy some great plants for you garden, grown with the personal touch.